Digital job profiles

Are you interested in working in the digital economy, but are unsure of the types of roles that are available, and the skills that you will need to get hired?

eSkills for Jobs has come up with a list of some of the job profiles available for people with high levels of digital skills. To find out more about the opportunities that eSkills can provide for you, please select one of the job profiles below.



Network engineer





Technical manager




 Web Developer

Data scientist


Looking for information and data on other job profiles? Follow this link to discover what other career paths you may have with digital skills!

Test your skills

Just how good are your digital skills? Have you ever benchmarked your eSkills against European averages?

CEPIS (Council of European Professional Informatics Societies) has created the e-Competence Benchmark, where users can measure their ICT competences - find out today if you have the digital skills you need to get hired.

e-Competence Benchmark


eSkills for Jobs have compiled a list of the top online jobs and internship resources for those who are interested in working with eSkills. Select one of the websites listed below to start you on your way to a career in eSkills.