eSkills for Jobs 2015 webinars eSkills for Jobs 2015 webinars

 Do you want to hone your digital skills? Do you want to advance your career in the technology-led world? Our webinars can help guide you what digital skills you need to acquire and how to make yourself employable for the 21st century market. Even if you were not able to participate in our webinars, you can listen to the recordings here. Or might find an interest in these webinars if you wish to know more on ICT industry role models, ICT career development and digital skills.




6 May 2015, Tullia Urschitz: "Educational robotics and Coding in the curriculum"

Tulia is a Math, Science and ICT teacher in a Secondary School in Verona, Italy. She collaborates with the School of Robotics of Genoa and is a teacher trainer in the use of ICT in education.

1 October 2015, Edgars Bajaruns: "Digital skills for the 21st Century Classroom"


Edgars Bajaruns, a secondary school teacher from Latvia, lead a webinar on teaching digital skills with a cross-curricular focus.


6 October 2015, "Coding collaboration into eSkills Education"

The webinar is part of the collaboration between CSR Europe, Digital Europe and European Schoolnet on the eSkills for Jobs 2015 campaign to address the digital skills gap in Europe. Investing in the right skills will enable economies to maximise digital productivity gains, meet the growing skills shortage and mismatch as well as increase opportunities for individuals in today’s labour markets.

7 October 2015, Alessandro Bogliolo: “Code Week teacher toolkit and CodeWeek4all Challenge"

Alessandro Bogliolo (Code Week Coordinator) and Tommaso Dalla Vecchia (European Schoolnet) provided infomation on what your school can do during the Code Week or how to participate in the CodeWeek4all Challenge.


21 October 2015, Lilia Villafuerte : "My Job Explained: breaking stereotypes on digital jobs"

Lilia Villafuerte - digital artist and researcher on Human Computer Interaction, cognition and interactive media, explained how creativity and social commitment can meet digital skills and jobs.

2 May 2016, Jesús Moreno León: Webinar Recording: Computational thinking across the curriculum

Jesús Moreno León, researcher at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, explains why integrating computational thinking in the curriculum is important and provides advice to teachers on the latest online coding resources avaliable for schools.

11 March 2016, Ursula Pala and Fabio D'Agnano: Robotics, Coding and Making

The webinar was presented by Ursula Pala, Communication expert, Camera del Commercio and Fabio D’Agnano, Maker Faire Rome


3 November 2016, Stuart Ball:  Introducing Coding in your Classroom

Stuart Ball is an independent Digital Learning Specialist delivering high-quality ideas and innovation to achieve the smooth integration of creativity and technology.

29 November 2016, Emma Pietrafesa: Safer on the Net Using Social Media with Digital Awareness

The webinar was presented by Dr. Emma Pietrafesa (PhD) Communicator and Rearcher at research institutions and universities. Emma Pietrafesa has worked in the field of research and communications for over 10 years, with a focus on: ICTm social media and impact on lifestyles, gender, health and safety at work issues, cyber harassment and cyber safety.