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The growth of the technology sector has created many new career pathways, not all of which are strictly related to coding and computational thinking. Consider the example of UX design (User Experience design) in web development; while of course the code in the backend is what makes a website actually function, other important considerations are the aesthetics and usability of the website.

What does a UX designer do?

A UX designer is concerned with how a user interacts with a website - once a person has landed on the homepage of your website, what is it that you would like them to do, and how can we use the elements of a webpage to achieve this goal?

UX designers will try and distribute the information within the design of a webpage in order that there is a logical flow throughout the website for a user. UX designers will come up with workflow diagrams and wireframes based on how they want people to use the website. This process will incorporate not only the design, but also elements of market research and psychology: who are our key audiences, why is it that they are visiting our website, and what are the actions that we would like them to take as a result of using our website?

What are the essential skills a UX designer should have?

UX design is often the avenue into development for people from a design or creative background; while design plays a large part in UX, it is also important to have a good understanding of how web technologies work. Anyone looking to get into the area of user experience design should have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS, as well as knowledge of wireframing tools such as Mockflow, Axure, or Balsamiq.

What salary can you expect? 

The average pay for a UX designer in the UK is £31,872 (€40,483) per year, shows PayScale. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years' experience in this career.

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