Role of eSkills in health sciences Role of eSkills in health sciences

Learning is just as much about skills development as it is about building a bank of knowledge about a topic. In today's technology-led workplaces, it's important that students learn how to get the most out of the tools and resources available to them.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications are recognised qualifications that allow students to demonstrate their proficiency in a number of Office applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. As well as being a standalone qualification in its own right, the skills and experience students gain from undertaking the certification add value in other areas of study. For example, when processing data or carrying out statistical analyses on a science experiment or a survey, knowing your way around Excel is a huge timesaver, and allows you to make otherwise complex tasks much simpler. Similarly, when writing up and presenting a large project, having the same depth and breadth of knowledge in Word and PowerPoint will put you in similarly good stead.

To see a real life example of just how an MOS certification can help you to achieve your, we need look no further than the case of Robert Cook, a student at Treorchy Comprehensive School in South Wales in the United Kingdom. While many secondary school students decide to continue their studies at university, many choose to enter directly into the world of employment, and the MOS certification is provides exactly the set of skills that employers are looking for. Robert applied for an internship to work in Britain’s NHS (National Health Service), for a job in a non-medical role, and was accepted - largely on the strength of the skills that he had gained by taking his MOS certification. "The NHS valued my MOS qualifications and it enabled me to be narrowed down from 365 applicants to one. After talking with my employer, who is the head of software development at Cwm Taf [a local branch of the NHS], he said he valued my Microsoft experience greatly and it made me stand out." Robert has already started his apprenticeship within the NHS, while continuing his preperations for for his upcoming final school exams via remote learning.

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