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ICT is one of the areas with the biggest future job potential. Yet ICT related employment is much, much higher that just the ICT sector, as digital skills are needed for about 90% of jobs.

This page can help you boost your digital skills through online courses, webinars, self-assessment tests and much more. The majority of the resources that eSkills for jobs collected for you are intended for self-study, but teachers can also find some interesting material to develop the digital competences of their students.




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Self-assessment tools

Ever wondered if you have strong digital skills? You can easily see how you fare in terms of digital affluence by taking one of the self-assessment tools.


With technologies rapidly changing the work dynamics, we need to make sure we have the right skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital market. eSkills for Jobs has created a fine selection of exciting MOOCs intended for professionals across industries, young people who want to upgrade their skillset, and also MOOCs specifically designed for teachers. So if you are in search of a challenging online course to add skills to your profile, take a look at our suggestions below! Keep an eye on that section as we will be posting new online courses offers!

You can also find more interesting MOOCs in the eSkills repository section below.

Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom - 2nd Round

Begin Robotics

Begin Programming

Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science

Fundamentals of Computing Specialization

 Think. Create. Code

eSkills repository eSkills repository

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