Technical Programme Manager Technical Programme Manager

Every project will need some sort of management and lead. A technical project manager typically works on the supervision of a technical project and in communication activities with non-technical audiences. 

What does a technical programme manager do? 

The job of a technical programme manager involves overseeing the technical elements of a software development project. The role requires familiarity with a number of technical aspects, including database, networks, and security, so a technical manager should have experience in a number of software development positions.

What are the essential skills a technical manager should have?

A technical manager needs to make sure that their development team are working together in the most efficient way possible, and acts as a liaison between the project management side and the technical side of a development project.

What salary can you expect?

According to PayScale, the average pay for a technical programme manager in the UK is £59,289 (€75,134) per year. Most people in this job have more than five years' experience in related jobs.

Giuliano's first-hand experience:

Giualiano works as a technical programme manager at Microsoft. He began his career in development in Microsoft's Students and Graduates career programme – so why not check out the programme today and find out where a career in computing can take you?

"I love to see how a concept or idea is taken, designed, implemented, and then tested right through to production"

"First off, I have always been extremely passionate about technology and how we have harnessed the power of computers to improve day to day tasks and create innovative solutions to existing problems. I love to see how a concept or idea is taken, designed, implemented, and then tested right through to production on the market where the end user can benefit from the impact the product creates."

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