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If you ask Alberto López from Spain what it is he finds most compelling about the world of IT, he can answer you immediately. “It’s a field where you never stop learning. It’s totally fascinating”. And this enthusiasm for learning underlies his decision to share his own experience as a student by becoming teacher.

As a people person, Alberto has always enjoyed meeting and working with a wide variety of people. This characteristic combined with a natural flair for IT led him to train to become a NetAcad instructor as soon as he had completed his own degree.

"In the IT industry, it’s a field where you never stop learning.
It’s totally fascinating"

Alberto’s experiences with the Cisco Networking Academy began at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, where he majored in telecommunications engineering.

“I wanted to perform a deep and complete final project to finish my studies, so I prepared a final dissertation on P2P technology. It was hard work but I graduated with the highest mark – the Matrícula de honor.”

Alberto knew straight away that he would want to share his knowledge and expertise with a new generation of learners. “From the very beginning I knew that teaching would be my aim and NetAcad courses are pretty good preparation; not only for students but also for teachers.”

His search led him to the Institut Numància Formació where he now works as a NetAcad instructor, teaching the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification in Barcelona.

“I am responsible for CCNA lessons so I have to prepare them by creating new exercises with Packet Tracer. I also have to prepare the theoretical parts, so that they can understand the different commands and explain when they have to type them.”

Alberto shares the following piece of advice with all of his students: the key to success is systematically mastering the basics, and progressing steadily.

“NetAcad offers them a very good training for understanding how networks work nowadays. Cisco certifications are the best proof that students can offer to a company to demonstrate they really know how to manage networks and their devices.”

As for himself, Alberto hopes one day to extend his own certifications to CCNP and potentially beyond; a key goal that will single him out as a Cisco expert. He has already passed his CCNP SWITCH exam and is one step closer to his goal.

“I would like to distinguish myself so that my own CV demonstrates real Cisco specialisation. And maybe one day I will think about aiming for a career within Cisco itself,” he says. “But for now I am really enjoying teaching something I love and for which I feel a tremendous sense of vocation.”

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