Visually Impaired Woman Excels in IT Visually Impaired Woman Excels in IT

Thirty-two year old Nuray Guerler completed her Cisco CCNA studies while training to become an IT specialist for application development at the SFZ Förderzentrum Academy in Chemnitz, Germany. The center provides vocational training for people with visual impairments.

In the information-driven world it is essential that everyone has equal access to digital resources for gaining ICT skills. Nuray Guerler, who took a course with Cisco Networking Academy, is example of how persistence and patience in face of difficulties are rewarded.

When asked about the most challenging aspects of the NetAcad program for a blind person, Nuray mentions the network infrastructures, which are often presented in graphics that are difficult to verbalize. Nuray uses a screen reader that allowed her to read the CCNA course materials on a braille display. During exams, her instructor read questions out loud for her and described the pictures. It was difficult for Nuray to prepare for exams because the graphic elements in Packet Tracer were not legible. However, she was able to solve practical networking tasks and connect equipment with cables on her own. She touched hardware to memorize its shape and functions.

Nuray now works in an engineering office as an IT trainer. She currently teaches wherever she is needed - Halle, Leipzig, Dresden, or Chemnitz in Germany. She believes her CCNA certification helped her find a job. Her boss was also impressed by her enormous willingness to learn. Nuray says: “Handicapped persons have to fulfill 150% to get the same recognition.” She achieved more than the standard and was better than the other candidates.

Nuray recommends the CCNA course and NetAcad program for anyone who is inspired by the subject. “It can only make things better,” she says. When asked about plans for the future she responds: “You cannot plan life. It’s not predictable and things always tend to turn out different than imagined.” Nevertheless, she hopes to be a successful trainer for a long time.

Contributed by: Cisco