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news thumbnail The five eSkills for Jobs European competition winners and five runner ups were announced and awarded during the Italian Presidency eSkills closing conference on 30 October in Rome, Italy. The competition provided concrete examples of successful initiatives made possible by ICT and the mastery of e-skills.

The competition

The eSkills for Jobs European competition was organised within the context of the e-Skills for Jobs 2014 awareness raising campaign, as an opportunity to highlight and reward persons with a high level of digital skills and literacy at a European level.

The competition focused on identifying concrete successful initiatives made possible by ICT and the mastery of e-skills and aims to reach out to motivated and talented young people to the age of 25, educators, job seekers and entrepreneurs.

The winners, selected among a pool of candidates nominated at national level by the e-Skills National Contact Points (NCPs), have successfully undertaken initiatives made possible by ICT to one of the award categories of the European e-Skills competition.

The categories

The competition is composed of the following five categories, rewarding each time a winner and a runner up.

  • Young digital talent: Young people with remarkable performance in the use of ICT tool and who have designed an outstanding programme, software or an application. (target: young people between ages 16 to 25)
  • Digital citizenship: Demonstrating positive contribution of ICT to societal changes (a more democratic, participative and inclusive society as well as a greener and more sustainable economy (target: young people between ages 16 to 25)
  • Outstanding use of ICT for teaching: Creative, efficient and innovative use of ICT in education (target: teachers)
  • Digital Entrepreneurship: Awarding creative entrepreneurial projects building on ICT tools and/or media and e-Skills (target: entrepreneurs)
  • Most active job seeker: Local employment offices will be encouraged by campaign’s national partners to provide shortlists of unemployed people registered in their database who are the most active in looking for job opportunities or training. (target: job seekers)

The winners

e-Skills competition categoriesOrganisation sponsoring the prizePrize for the winnerWinnerOrganisation sponsoring the prizePrize for the runner upRunner up
Young Digital TalentCISCOOne day visit to Cisco live in Milan (January 2015) + 1:1 meetings with VIPs + local office invitation – with high level manager + technical demo + TabletLyubomir Yanchev - Computer enhanced analysis of images from immunohistochemistry - BulgariaDigital EuropeTabletRowey Shmuel Shafran - Immediate response system for oil spills - Israel
Digital citizenshipEuropean Internet FoundationInvitation to attend the EIF dinner debate ‘A Magna Carta for the Internet - A discussion with the inventor of the web, Sir Tim Berners Lee’ on 18 November in BrusselsGustav Budinsky - IT Association - SlovakiaAmitecTabletAndrea Borg - Student Industry Engagement -Malta
Outstanding use of ICT for teachingEUNTeacher's continuous professional development conference in Rome 27-29 November.Ole Caprani - LegoLab - DenmarkEUNTeacher's continuous professional development conference in Rome 27-29 November.Linda Lukas - Hello Ruby - Finland
Digital EntrepreneurshipHUWAEIOne week trip to China to visit R&D site and factory and meeting with EU Delegation and EU- China Chamber of Commerce.Cosmin Malureanu - ASCENDIA - RomaniaHUWAEIHuawei P7 Smartphone.Moshe Shoham - Mazor Robotics Renaissance Guidance System - Israel
Most active job seekerSAPSAP training on Academy CubeAnkur Patel - Fit support for ICT upskilled job seeker - IrelandTelecentre EuropeWindows tabletAgnieszka Galazka - Fondazione Mondo Digitale - Italy


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