'My Digital Job' in the Spotlight: Network Architect


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Eduoard is studying for a masters in Telecom Architecture and as part of his studies is working at Red Technologies, a French-based company specialising in spectrum sharing solutions to telecom operations.

Eduoard is working on developing a new software solution to automate 4G radio networks management. Here he explains more about the project and how he came to work on it.

“The mobile radio industry is highly competitive” he explains and “technologies are constantly evolving”, something he enjoys being part of.  

Today there is huge pressure on spectrum capacity and many stakeholders – including mobile operators and governmental – are facing a ‘spectrum crunch’.
New radio technologies, explain Eduoard, could offer a solution and help manage the crunch through spectrum sharing.
“It’s exciting being involved in a project that could provide help in this important area.  It is a big challenge”. 
He acknowledges his area of expertise is very specialised.  “I have had to gain an advanced understanding of radio access technologies as well as radio planning and optimisation” he explains.  
Although on the one hand he has had to acquire this specific knowledge, a wider understanding or experience in marketing or sales is also very useful, he says.
“Marketing skills help you to visualise the features of any solution and sales experience helps with dealing with operators and governments”.
He also adds that projects can last for between 9 to 18 months and you have to be prepared to see them through to the end.  
“With each new project comes a new challenge and I like starting again with a clean sheet of paper”. 
“Projects can be intense but if you specialise in one area of ICT, you can forge a path which is rewarding and that’s what I am hoping to do with telecoms architecture.”


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