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The eSkills for Jobs campaign is a response to the growing demand for ICT-skilled professionals which is currently not met, despite high levels of unemployment in Europe. The main focus of the campaign, that is running in 21 European countries, is to inform about the education, training, jobs, and other opportunities that are available to people with eSkills – those who know how to effectively use digital technologies.

What’s in it for you?

  • Suggest speakers for the EU Presidency linked eSkills conferences in 2015 and 2016 (2015: Luxembourg, 2016:the Netherlands and Slovakia)
  • Broaden your network by collaborating with key players in the field of digital skills including Ministries of Education, ICT Associations and Industry players
  • Promote your brand by participating in activities organised in 21 European countries
  • Join the campaign's Communications advisory council with fellow communications and media experts from the industry
  • Promote your brand and image by getting your CEO and senior staff to create short ‘smart videos’ which we will promote through our social media channels
  • Direct the campaign at national level by joining the Steering Committee in one of the 21 campaign countries

Stakeholders will also receive visibility via the campaign dissemination activities and channels:

  • eSkills campaign central website:
  • national eSkills websites: +627,000 views
  • Facebook: (4,030 fans); National Facebook sites: 10,300 fans
  • Twitter: @eskills4jobs #eskills (8,251 followers) | National Twitter sites: 12,070 followers | YouTube:
  • During the eSkills for Jobs 2014 campaign, 840,000 people participated in 906 events. An estimated 140 million touchpoints were reached.

What can you do for the campaign?

  • Disseminated the eSkills key messages through your communications channels
  • Sponsor one of the EU Presidency linked eSkills conferences
  • Sponsor one of the categories of the campaign competition in 2015 and 2016
  • Collaborate with national contact points in 21 countries

eSkills for Jobs stakeholders can also participate by collaborating with national contact points in the 21 countries taking part in the campaign:

  • Organise company visits to schools/training centres/universities/vocational training institutes, careers advice, activities related to e-skilling to prepare people for jobs
  • Organise training, coding games, competitions and webinars to develop eSkills and/or to solve real-world problems by applying STEM and ICT
  • Co-brand these activities and events with the campaign logo


The eSkills for Jobs campaign is currently looking to involve stakeholders from across a range of backgrounds. If you work with a company or a civil society organisation related to the technology or eSkills sector, and wish to get involved, please fill in the contact form.