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"Already missing Denmark 1,000 highly trained in IT and electronics. This figure is expected to rise to 4,000 by 2020. Therefore, Denmark must focus on to inspire the Danes to not only use technology - but also create technology." Adam Lebech, Director, DI ITEK


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Key Figures

  DK EU27
ICT practitioner workforce in 2012 as percent of total workforce 5% 3.4%
Forecast ICT practitioner jobs in 2015 133000 7503000
Forecast ICT practitioner jobs in 2020 132000 7950000
Vocational training graduates in Computer Science, 2011  0 67,000
  Score 2009/2010 Score 2011/2012 EU average
Individuals with high level of computer skills 31% 39% 28.52%
Individuals with high level of Internet skills 12% 15% 13.67%
Individuals Using the Internet (last three months) 86% 90% 71.33%
Table 1 & 2: Data to be taken from Empirica country reports:

National policy / strategy related to eSkills

The eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015 "Digital Road to the Future Welfare" includes 69 initiatives aimed at digitizing the public sector.

The government's growth team for ICT and digital growth delivered its recommendations in January 2014. In this context formulated growth team a vision for the Danish society's digital development and exploitation of ICT in 2020:

Denmark is among the leading countries in Europe in terms of the population's ICT skills. Strong digital skills of managers and employees who match the needs of both the private and public sectors, ensure that we utilize ICT as a force of change.

The Danish government is expected to launch a growth plan for ICT and digital growth in late 2014 include based on growth team's recommendations.

There preparing new joint public digitization strategy for the years 2016-2020. The digitalisation strategy aims to modernize the Danish population's welfare and streamline the public sector.

National initiativer related to eSkills

1) The Government and KL (Local Government Association) has launched an initiative for increased use of IT in schools. This effort was part of the eGovernment Strategy 2011-2015. The EUR 500 million. kr. to the effort over a four year period from 2012 to 2015. Most of the funds allocated to a fund for financing of municipal procurement of digital learning materials, and in addition, the projects launched five development projects with demonstration schools, carried out an analysis of the use of digital learning resources and established skoleleder- and teacher networks on the use IT and digital teaching aids in teaching. The work has now been extended to 2017.

2) All citizens in Denmark will from 1 November 2014 only receive Digital Post from the public. In this context, launched a massive information campaign for citizens. All companies have already had digital mailboxes in a year.