The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the opportunities that digital skills offer for employment and employability.

Every day, there are new, well-paid jobs being created in Europe’s digital economy – in fact, Europe may experience a shortfall of up to 756,000 ICT professionals by 2020. In the near future 90% of jobs - in careers such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, art, architecture - will require some level of digital skills. But at present, half of all citizens in the European Union have no or low computer skills. In order for Europe to continue moving towards prosperity and growth, it needs to equip its citizens with the necessary skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

The campaign has been launched under the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, a multi-stakeholder partnership to address the shortfall in eSkills among Europeans and encourage people to fully exploit the potential employment opportunities that ICT provides, while also ensuring that women are able to partake equally in the opportunities offered by the digital economy.

eSkills for Jobs 2015 is coordinated on behalf of the European Commission by

With the support of pan-European partners